Customer Experience Management


Great customer experiences drive great business outcomes.


At OptimumCX, we create a human connection -- whether it’s a product order, a service inquiry or a complex tech support issue -- our focus is to build human relationships that lead to customer loyalty, repeat business and greater profitability.

Customer Care

Build trust, confidence and awareness of your brand. We know that resolving issues alone does not build relationships so we do more to exceed expectations and spark customer loyalty. Every customer contact is an opportunity to set your company apart.

Sales & Retention

Develop new business growth and retain existing customers with inbound sales, customer acquisition, lead generation and retention solutions that will significantly improve results and lead to a higher return on your marketing investment.

Technical Support

Prioritizing accuracy, quality, and turn-around-time, while meeting the most stringent security standards. We have helped end-users with high-tech products like software, hardware, electronics, phone and wireless devices.

There are hundreds of contact centers out there. Ours stand out from the crowd because we put your customer’s experience at the center of all we do We build the kind of experience that customers remember and act upon. Working as a seamless extension of your organization, we deliver exceptional brand value and service. Our years of experience providing multichannel customer support has resulted in a proven track record of supporting clients in high-touch, customer-centric industries.

Communicating with your customers the way they choose

Customer contact channels have moved well past voice and email. While these support channels still generate volume, the engagement landscape has changed. Across all industries today, customers choose to engage with businesses how they want to, where they want to and when they want to.

As new support channels emerge and customer behaviors shift, your business has to adapt and we can help with that. We provide multichannel customer engagement through voice/IVR, email, chat, social media, in-app messaging and SMS.

For more than 20 years, we have been providing superior customer engagement management to clients with highly visible private and public consumer brands in a diverse variety of industries, from utilities and communications to technology and entertainment. Our solutions are focused on unparalleled service, leading technology and added value.

Take the next step:

We know what customers want and we know how to build programs that matter to help our clients’ businesses grow and maintain profitability.