Critical Insights

Turn customer interactions into intelligence

Many businesses capture huge amounts of data by recording customer interactions, but very few effectively optimize this valuable information. The sheer volume of contacts makes truly understanding them a challenge. And since traditional QA analyzes only 5 percent of calls, you’re likely missing key opportunities to improve contact center performance.

The benefits of understanding your customers’ engagement can provide real and lasting returns for your business. To improve your brand’s value across every interaction it is critical to gain true 360-degree insight into the daily workings of your operations.

In addition to speech analytics solutions that review 100 percent of customer interactions, we leverage the knowledge of Quality Management experts and Data Scientists who specialize in listening with an analytical ear to discover vital performance factors. Once they identify areas of improvement, the team recommends actionable strategies to create improved customer experience.

Our Insights team works closely with your team to identify and transform areas of fundamental business improvement, including opportunities to improve overall operations—not just agent-level performance.

Gain rare customer insights and make decisions based on complete data.

Contact us today to gain actionable insights through artificial and human intelligence.

We believe in – and practice – complete transparency.

Our value separators are shown through our data analytics and voice of the customer efforts. Much more than a contact center that merely answers calls, we’re a truly data-driven organization that provides actionable insights into customer behavior.

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