Bringing operational excellence to your enterprise.


At OptimumCX out team takes great care to fully understand your business, from your customers and culture to products and processes. We develop implementation, knowledge base and quality strategies that allow us to not only understand your goals but embrace them as our own. Our performance management system is designed to meet your unique business needs by delivering the right people, processes, tools and technology.


Our people are thoughtful helpers, problem-solvers and brand ambassadors for your business. As an extension of your team, our goal is to place the right person for the right job every time. Through advanced hiring efforts, training methods and quality management practices, our team members work to ensure your success.


Our processes ensure consistent and measurable quality for your customers, while our flexibility and scalability allow us to quickly react to changes in your business. We not only identify trends and patterns, but also make recommendations on how to improve efficiencies and, most importantly, customer experience.


We utilize some of the most advanced proprietary and contact center technology platforms on the market, from leading telephony and data switching platforms to unified cloud communications, speech analytics and unparalleled contact center data analysis and reporting.

There are hundreds of contact centers out there. Ours stand out from the crowd because we put your customer’s experience at the center of all we do We build the kind of experience that customers remember and act upon. Working as a seamless extension of your organization, we deliver exceptional brand value and service. Our years of experience providing multichannel customer support has resulted in a proven track record of supporting clients in high-touch, customer-centric industries.

Through performance management systems designed for continuous improvement, we are able to implement consistent best practices that:

  • Hire the very best people
  • Develop people for unprecedented results
  • Create the highest employee satisfaction
  • Build strong teams
  • Drive key metrics for maximum impact

Our performance improvement methodology includes monitoring all levels of our contact center operations, utilizing business intelligence and speech analytics, as well as manually reviewing customer engagements, which allows clients to make business critical-decisions based on crucial customer feedback. The results – from new product offerings to enhanced services – ignite year-over-year customer growth and enhanced brand awareness.

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