Technical Support

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Domestic Onshore Technical Expertise

Technical support is often the biggest challenge companies face in maintaining loyal customers. As consumers, we have all been there…dealing with an urgent computer issue, broken device or instructions that don’t make any sense, only to be connected to someone who is literally thousands of miles away and unable to help you figure things out clearly. When calls are handled inappropriately, client satisfaction decreases while contact volumes increase, costing your company time, money and often a lost customer.

For this reason, many companies believe that technical support should never be outsourced but we disagree. We have proven experience in working with everything from basic customer questions to the most complex tech problems. Our most notable technical support accomplishments have been based on our ability to see business through our partner’s eyes and understand their unique IT needs. We are committed to not just be an outsourced partner but a true extension of our partner’s business. We know that when customers need technical support, they are more often on edge than most types of service interactions. They just paid $1000 for the latest device that isn’t working. You can’t blame them for wanting answers that are prompt, clear and correct.

We have designed and implemented many cost saving and value-added services for partners to ensure they have control and comfort in their decision to outsource with us. Through innovative troubleshooting processes we are able to provide a superior customer experience while ensuring consistency with every customer interaction.

Whether you need single or multi-tiered technical support for computers, mobile phones, software products or other electronics, Optimum CX has the experience you can depend on. We provide technical support services to some of the world’s most successful technology and communications companies, and have helped grow their revenues in significant and measurable ways.

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We offer a broad range of outsourced and managed services to meet your technical support needs:

  • Consumer Support: assists your end-users in the use of high-tech products like software, hardware and electronics.
  • Business Support: work with your corporate customers employing business-grade software and hardware solutions.
  • Customized Internal and External Support: Optimum CX can serve as your company’s virtual Help Desk to assist employees or partners with their IT needs -- including installation, handling of incidents and user support.
  • Optimum CX is PCI Compliant and offers technology in a fully redundant environment designed with back-up, recovery and business continuity as a priority. You can be confident to support your customers without interruptions.