Our Technology

Unified communications for better customer experience

Clients and customers alike expect seamless services across all channels. No one likes to wait for help, be placed on hold or disconnected and with our technological capabilities customers won’t have to. We have made a significant investment in the technology that is the foundation of our servicing abilities. We can take immediate, on the spot action to get the job done on the first try, increasing first call resolutions while boosting customer satisfaction across multiple channels of support.

Our technology is centered around the Cloud based SaaS Contact Centre platform and is a disruptor in the contact center industry. OCX Cloud is an all-in-one solution for providing end-to-end and multimedia contact center and is 100% PCI compliant. Our partners can feel secure knowing that all OCX Cloud servers are located in a highly secure co-location facility in Dallas, Texas with redundant power and telecom infrastructure and 24x7 security key card access.

OCX Cloud offers an open-platform contact center solution with all major contact center features resident on the same platform. It is also a stand-alone digital switch that affords the flexibility to fully integrate with virtually any administrative telephone switch in the market OCX Cloud is VoIP ready and can be utilized from a traditional brick and mortar facility or can expand easily to an @home agent model.

With OCX Cloud, the development and implementation of advanced, cloud-based, dynamic contact center solutions allows for effective and efficient management of operations and provide the most responsive customer support and service.

OCX Cloud is a complete contact center solution encompassing:

  • Multi-channel access for voice, fax, voicemail, internet, chat and e-mail
  • Enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with speech enablement and Text-to-Speech (TTS) capabilities
  • Scalable Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with skills based routing
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) features;
    • VoIP capable
    • Comprehensive call handling tools for agents
    • Conversation recording and
    • Powerful management tools for real-time monitoring and historical reporting